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The Collection-2012

The Collection-2012


Created and nurtured in Philadelphia, groomed and honed during 6 years enlisted in the Air Force, and now released in the most personal and soulful way. Soul music at it's very best!

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His soul music has captivated much of the Emerald Coast in Florida since he settled there back in 2009. In December 2011, Homemadesoul garnered award nominations in four categories for the local music publication, The Beachcomber. The following month, January 2012, he released a much anticipated EP titled Inspired By A True Story, which includes a song with a very famous song title, Heartbreak Hotel. Within that same month, Homemadesoul was selected to appear on the soundtrack of independent author, Amira Wilson's book titled, His Wife's Diary. All of this, and he still found time to record, collaborate and produce music for other artist.

The year was 2001, and Homemadesoul, then only known as Curtis Clark, was sitting in his house on the Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Montana, trying to think of a name that he could be known by. He needed something unique, yet simple. He began to think about the music he was starting to make, and how it was so original, close friends could not find a familiar sound within his music. It was fresh, yet old school. Then it hit him, original music from the soul…another word for original is homemade, so put the two together…Homemade Soul. Well after a few hours of wrangling, he decided to combine the two words, essentially creating his own new word which not only described his music, but also gave him his artist name. Homemadesoul

While serving in the Air Force, Homemadesoul found time to record, and produce his own music. He released his first ever project, Homemadesoul Vol. 1, to much good review. While traveling to Guatemala, Panama, Iraq, and Kuwait, he always seemed to find time to perform for any size of crowd. By the time Homemadesoul finished his six-year enlistment in 2007, he had amassed a small fan base all across the world. But he wasn't finished yet, there was still Japan.

Since 2001, Homemadesoul had seen many performing stages. He performed to a crowd of five at a gala during his time in Montana, and he performed to a massive military crowd when competing in talent competitions in Iraq and Kuwait. He even performed for thousands packed into an NBA regular season game at Continental Airlines Arena where the New Jersey Nets call home. None of those experiences prepared Homemadesoul for performing for over 10,000 Japanese citizens at an annual festival held in Okinawa, Japan in 2008. To sing for people who don't understand a word your saying, may seem nerve-wrecking. But once the music starts, it becomes the universal language.

Homemadesoul found himself performing in small Japanese jazz clubs, and weekend night clubs, all to further his craft or making and performing his music. When the local promoters needed entertainment for their events, they called on Homemadesoul. His three year stay in Japan, formed a bond between country and music artist, a bond that was still holding strong when Japan came knocking again in 2012.

Through all of his accomplishments, Homemadesoul continues to push for the best. It is no surprise that a Japanese distribution company offered Homemadesoul an exclusive distribution deal in early 2012. Not only that, but the company want to distribute the music Homemadesoul first created while he was still in the military. This speaks to the timeless quality of his music.

The new year of 2012 has been bright for Homemadesoul. Glowing reviews from prominent online publications, Soultracks, and The Singersroom, have boosted Homemadesoul visibility across the world. Radio stations around the world, online, and through traditional radio, are playing his music. In April 2012, Homemadesoul wrote and produced a song in support of the re-election campaign for President Barack Obama. This marks Homemadesoul's first ever public voice on anything political. Along with releasing new music, Homemadesoul has focused time on writing production music for television and film. With already a few placements under his belt, he seeks to offer more of his original soul to the licensing world. Through all of this, his goal is to remain humble, and to continue to share the gift God has given him. The possibilities for this soul artist is unlimited.