Licensing music for the independent artist.

Homemadesoul Music Licensing Partnership


So basically, we would like to partner with you and attempt to license your music in tv shows, films, indie films, and radio playlists non exclusively (Meaning you can send it to someone else to try as well).  This would be covering the synch rights of your music.  You would still be able to sell, perform and re-record your music, and most importantly, you would still fully own your music.  Read below for more details of what we are looking for and how we do business.


What kind of music is Homemadesoul Music looking for?

All kinds! FOLK, POP, R&B, ROCK, HIP HOP, COUNTRY, ACOUSTIC, SINGER/SONGWRITER, INSTRUMENTALS, VOCALS, JAZZ, REGGAE, AND MORE. Need some inspiration? Flip on your TV and keep an ear out for what’s playing.


Does it matter what format I upload music in?

Yes! Please only send in WAV format.



Homemadesoul Music has a very specific way to title music in order to help our clients find exactly what they’re looking for. Be creative with your title.  Please remember no special characters (this includes colons, apostrophes, parenthesis and accented letters), no artist names or superfluous info. Refrain from using terms like Mix, Final, Only.  The following stem titles on the right should be used where appropriate.

EX. Happy Song Instrumental = Happy Song-Instr


How long does it take for my music to process?

It will typically take two weeks to process your music into the catalogue.  At times, that processing time can stretch out to 4 weeks, due to an influx of submissions.


Do you register my music with my affiliated PRO?

Yes, Homemadesoul Music registers all approved music as soon as the music is processed into the catalogue.


I saw my music is registered, does this mean I have a placement?

Not necessarily, a registration does not mean there was a placement.  This is just our way of staying ahead of the game.


How do I remove tracks from Homemadesoul Music?

Once you have reached the end of the agreement term, you can remove tracks you have submitted.  If the track has been placed, then all parties will continue to receive royalties based on that particular placement.


Homemadesoul Music was able to license my track, but I didn’t get notified, Why?

The notification process takes a long time.  While we may try and notify you of each placement you may have, we cannot guarantee we will be able to notify you of every instance.  This is because we are hard at work trying to get more placements for you.


I heard my song on a TV show, commercial, etc.  Why haven’t I been paid yet?

The process for licensing a track, it reaching the air, and billing is a very long one.  Once we get paid, then you will get paid.  It’s different from client to client but once we receive an invoice for the synch, then you will get payment shortly after.


I have not received royalties yet for placements.  Who do I contact?

Royalties take about 6-9 months to process after they air on TV.  If you have questions about the royalty schedules, check with your PRO.


Financial Breakdown-How We Split Revenue

Upfront Licensing Fee: 60/40 Split

Artist Receives 60%


Backend Royalties:

BMI: Total Shares 200%

Artist: 100% Writer  | 75% Publishing

Homemadesoul Music 25% Publishing


ASCAP: Total Shares 100%

Artist: 50% Writer |  37% Publishing

Homemadesoul Music 13% Publishing


SESAC: To Be Determined