Rhea Layne x Anna Mariah x "SPEAKAH" | Produced Adaeze @AdaezeLyrics

Adaeze, Rhea Layne and Anna Mariah connected to bring SPEAKAH to the world!!! A upbeat energetic flavor genre titled as "AfroBash" which to me is a summer jam with women empowerment being showcased in dance, song and creative form. SPEAKAH's music production & video was executive produced by Adaeze + House of Dae.  Acclaim is already in play for this smash record with it being debut as #1 on Selecta Charts. Find out more about about Adaeze here

iTunes: https://apple.co/2JZ62gA
Written by: Rhea Layne, Anna Mariah, Akino "Sparoblaxx" Morris
Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Denny

Filmed by: Elly B Studios
Directed, Produced & Edited by: Adaeze
Additional editing by: Nathan WM Mack
Assistant Director: Eden Gibson
Stylists: Bru The Stylist, St. Paul Anthony

Shamar Bruce
Tori-Ann Ivy
Dashaun Prince
Cherish Lynn
Lee Problem
De Anna Gordon  

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