I'm tired of watching artist get into the game, seeking approval from non players.  And when I say non players, I'm talking about people who don't have the musical talent to create, but have the gift to gab.  And that's not taking away from someone who uses their gift to network, collaborate, and conduct business, but when it comes to the creative process and then transforming that into business, I believe artists should always come out on top.

For years we have seen corporate companies profit and leave artists broke from the deals they offer.  They offer upfront cash, in return for the rights to the music the artist will create.  Artist end up signing their masters, likeness, and whatever else away, just to get in.

What artists need to understand is that at the beginning of that equation, they hold all the power.  The power is within owning the rights to whatever you create.  Now it's cool to give permission on certain rights, and it's even cool to share some rights, but you should never, ever, give up your rights.