Billy Mercury is still the Next Big Thing

Billy Mercury was a contestant on BET’s talent competition show, “Next Big Thing”.

Wait….what?? Billy Mercury? What he doin on there?

That was my original reaction to finding out that Billy Mercury ended being a contestant on BET’s attempt at duplicating The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and the list goes on and on…

For a little background, I know Billy Mercury. He has done a show in my home. The brother is as soulful as soulful gets. He has his own brand of t-shirts that says “Peace Peace”. I have two of those shirts. We have harmonized on occasion. I’m a pretty big fan of the guy.

by @second_letter

by @second_letter

A little more background…I detest talent competition tv shows. (Deep Breath) For me it is like the creative gods of our world have found themselves singing and dancing, trying to get to stardom, while being used as entertainment and succumbing to useless judgment for people (tv watchers) who can’t rub two notes together if you performed emergency surgery, and gave them angelic vocal chords.

Now…I do know there are benefits for the said creative gods to expose themselves to the mortal’s little TV games. Exposure, access, networking, maybe some money, experience…I get it. But is it really all worth it? I mean, come on. Is the experience worth it?

I damn sure wouldn’t know, because I have refused to audition. I even smoked a few packs of cigarettes over the last 17 years just so my voice could stay originally soulful and I wouldn’t even be tempted to put it through the grueling experiment of tv talent shows. The lure is very tempting, but for me, not tempting enough.

So with all that in the background, that is why my reaction to Billy’s indulgence in the world below perfect was as natural as it was. Billy is a superstar. But not the world’s superstar. He is a universal superstar. Mercury is a soul that really can’t be touched or defined into a few short weeks of competition silliness aimed at sifting out the ones who just ain’t quite ready yet.

Rumor has it, that as the universe was winding down his time on the Next Big Thing-a-ma-jig, that ultimate, all knowing, and all powerful universe was setting him up to work with some real original heavy hitters that includes the likes of Jazzy Jeff, Eric Roberson, Thaddeus Tribbett, and James Poyser. (See pic below)

Billy has now (in my opinion) experienced a journey far more superior than his time on the BET stage. Don’t get me wrong, BET served it’s purpose, and there is no telling what the universe has in store for the future. But the road did not stop or pause with Dame Dash trying to figure out if Billy was a singer or a rapper. The rest of the world will soon know, that he wasn’t merely trying to be the next big thing. Billy Mercury has been, is, and will be, all of thee above.

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