Rashon Medlock Music Review!!!

From the desk of "More Than Music"

Reviewed by: ykealdeborrie

Artist: Rashon Medlock

Song: More Than Music

EP: More Than Music

I once heard Al Green say love can make you do right or it can make you do wrong.  You’ve probably heard these words too in his renowned and timeless song, “Love and Happiness.” Of all of the expressions in this golden oldie, I never forgot what that one meant. He was describing the power of love.  Its ability to conquer and surpass just about any moral belief – whether right or wrong.

I think of this when I hear “More Than Music” by Rashon Medlock. He is a Jacksonville, Florida-based musician who has gained buzz in the industry by performing across the Eastern United States. His song “More Than Music” stuns me. It is one of the most beautiful and warmest ballads I’ve listened to by a local artist that perfectly describes the power of love. His sound, lyrics, and form of expression set him apart from others, letting us know he is on a different path with different goals.

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